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Betty Sutton for Governor

Works for Ohio.

Sutton Calls for Real Leadership from Trump during Mahoning Valley Visit- Not False Promises

(Copley, OH) -As President Trump visits the Mahoning Valley today, a new analysis from the Center for Economic and Policy Research exposes the gap between Trump’s words and his failure to deliver on his promises to hardworking Ohioans.

The analysis highlights that Ohio comes in second with a loss of 5,400 manufacturing jobs, 0.8 percent of total employment in the first five months of the Trump presidency. The report states “Thus far, Pennsylvania and Ohio have been big losers of manufacturing jobs in the first five months of the Trump presidency.”

“Donald Trump is a big talker on jobs, but he has offered nothing more than empty rhetoric. He promised he was a champion of American jobs and American-made products, but he has spent a lifetime profiting off of cheap, outsourced labor—his company and brand are built on it.

He may talk about American jobs, but he has failed miserably to deliver on his promises for the hardworking men and women of the Mahoning Valley and Ohio. It’s clear that either he doesn’t have the ability to deliver the jobs he brags about or, worse yet, what he really cares about is turning a profit for himself. Either way, he is failing American workers.

As an Ohioan who’s dedicated my life to fighting for more and better jobs for American workers, Trump’s false promises make me sick. I have continually fought for American jobs, American workers, and Buy American legislation.

When auto jobs were at risk, I led the effort to pass the CARS Act, better known as Cash for Clunkers, that saved jobs in the Mahoning Valley, because it helped workers and our economy. Donald Trump has made it clear that he is a President who cares about American jobs and workers so far as it benefits him when he is asking for their votes, but doesn’t care enough to employ them to make his products. Ohio needs a leader who fights for working people day in and out, who is genuine, and I’ve been with working people from day one,” said Sutton.

Sutton’s leadership and relentless fight on behalf of Ohio workers and jobs has been long-standing and unwavering. Even before President Obama took office, Congresswoman Sutton sent a letter with her colleagues in the Steel Caucus to House Leadership calling for legislation that would ensure that infrastructure projects use only materials produced in the United States.

In Congress, she passed the CARS act that provided a lifeline and helped save jobs in the auto-industry, many in the Mahoning Valley where Trump is visiting. She fought to include “Buy American” provisions in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and to make sure the Department of Homeland Security could purchase uniforms made by American textile and apparel manufacturers.

Sutton introduced the ‘American Jobs First’ Initiative: a package of four bills to strengthen Made in America laws and level the playing field for American manufacturers. They included:


  • Keep American Jobs from Going Down the Drain Act, to require that funds from the Safe Drinking Water Act and Clean Water Act for construction, alteration, maintenance or repair of a public water system are spent only on American-made materials.
  • American Jobs Preservation Act, to require that the Secretary of Transportation consider the impact that waiving ‘Buy American’ provisions would have on American manufacturers and jobs;
  • Foreign Manufacturers Legal Accountability Act, to help prevent foreign manufacturers from avoiding safety precautions and legal repercussions and undercutting U.S. businesses;
  • Keep Americans Working Building Our Transportation Infrastructure Act, to improve ‘Buy America’ laws for the Department of Transportation by increasing transparency in the waiver process.